The brief for the project was:
take the evolution of any idea, movement, organism, system, etc and translate it in your personal way.
It wasn't the brief one dreams about.

At first I wanted my graduation project to be something personal, of huge proportions and awkward perspective. A month passed, everything was going well until I was enlightened by my instructors asking me about the purpose of my project. They didn’t say much yet I understood a lot.
One phrase caught me:
“...and then what? You are telling us about yourself. But what is it that you want to communicate?”.
The answer was clear: nothing.

So I erased all what I worked on and started off with fresh ideas. Finally, I settled on the communication subject and, not wanting to go into the maze that is the evolution of communication in its infinite sections, I chose the evolution of communication in brief till we got the Internet: now and later.

The final format is a 120-pages double-book (two books binded into one that open from both sides).

*Note: please take into consideration that the content of this book is based on the personal knowledge and experience of my 2007 version.

Part 1 of the book: “from a to @”

It contains information about the evolution of communication in brief and how everything led to the birth of the digital elements thus creating a new reality in which the Internet is taking more importance with every passing instant.

The graphic work in the book is simple. It seeks the attention of the reader & his curiosity.  The first section contains the evolution of communication in brief and how it led to the invention of the Internet. The second section is consecrated to the Internet and divided into 5sub-sections that briefly summarize the different aspects available to the user.

Every sub-section starts with a definition of the aspect with a negative and positive side to it. A personal interpretation of the negatives and positives of each aspect are found in each section whether using illustrations, dynamic typographic spreads, visual humor, witty thoughts, infographics, etc
The first part ends with questions that lead the reader to the second part: “after @”.
"Ours is a world of words. Our thoughts, our world of imagination, our communication, our richly fashioned culture, all are woven on the loom of language."
Richard Leakey
The History of The World

Pages 4-5
The Inventions Age

Pages 14-15

"Interactive" spread (openable)
Pages 20-21

Double spread
Pages 22-25
Social Cyber-Life

An example of a sub-section main page
Pages 28-29

"Enriching your social cyber-life can turn into an addiction.
Caution is suggested."

Pages 38-39

"Interactive" spread (openable)
Pages 42-43

Double spread
Pages 44-47

Pages 60-61

Pages 62-63
"In the @ Age, a mouse click can generate an incredible stream of information"
Pages 70-71
 "It's all about information, don't you think?
Or is it?
Who knows...
I just wonder what's after @..."

Part 2 of the book: after @

It represents my own vision of what lies after the Internet age and what may become of us humans following the ever-speeding technological evolution. The message is passed in a simple way that uses a story-telling style.
I describe, visually, this new world called Galaxia, where communication occurs only in a pure digital form with no human emotions or whatsoever, a new “language” replaces any other language known to Man.
The only “conversation” in the book takes place somewhere near its middle; in it are revealed all the basic information about Galaxia: “You are nothing but an advanced piece of data in Galaxia”.

It is quite dark but serves as a reminder and warning for every reader of the book. The severe contrast found between the two books whether graphically or conceptually is essential to the whole concept.

I had a vision the other day:
I saw a complex system of communication in which people talked, reacted,imagined, wrote, felt, grew and lived.
Then I saw the thin red line.
I ran towards it, it felt like flying.

Pages 2-3
My flight is gaining speed with every passing instant.
It’s like I’m being sucked into the silvery mass beyond the red line.

I’m gaining even more speed.
The ground beneath me is made of a composite; unknown to me.

Pages 6-7

I’m now at the red line. I’m in awe of what lies before myeyes: a web of infinite connected lines, those started off somewhere and seemendless. Suddenly, all went black.

I can’t discern whether I’m comatose or awake;I’m weightless and numb but I can feel my head working and heart pumping. “Whatin the name of—“

"Interactive" openable spread
Pages 6-7
Welcome to Aurora, a sector of Earth.
I am an Advanced Gatherer.

Yes. Earth is divided into 4 sectors:
Aurora, Mandea, Tzei and Xuang.
The whole is part of Galaxia.
Galaxia is formed of three motherlands:
Earth, Mars and the Moon.

I see, so—WHAT?!
Every human being is a gatherer of information necessary forthe full control of each motherland. We have been gathering data for 50 yearsnow in order to achieve, after a given period, absolute control over everythingin the system.

AWESOME... and why are you and everything else aroundcolorless?

Our bodies evolved over the years; nowadays we live in alow-oxygen environment. The carbon emissions are down to zero but unfortunatelythey exist in the atmosphere, blocking 80% of the sun’s light. Due to the lackof natural resources, we –humans- have opted for a more controlled system, wehave our nutriments once a day with a 10cl of water. Our bodies are regularlyinjected with a specific muscle regenerator. Minimum energy is required everyday for maximum performance, that is why I am emotionless and unable to controlall my muscles: all my concentration is focused on all my intellectualabilities as anything I communicate is realized by concentration.

OK… So you are an advanced gatherer of info, you eat once aday, are unable to show any perceptible emotion and are talking to me withouteven moving your lips or any other muscle in your goddamn body! AND WHAT’S THATON YOUR EYE!
This is the Cosmic Eye. It is the essence of our lives.Anything we see, hear or communicate during the day is received/transmitted byit. The data, no matter its nature, is then purified into Advanced MinimalLanguage. You have been identified as new data in to the system. You will nowbe guided to the sector’s main Communix Control Tower in order to be integratedinto Galaxia.


You are already alone. Please do not panic.Welcome to the system.

Triple Spread
Pages 8-13

The Cosmic Eye Concept

Pages 14-15

Now everything is pitch black. I don’t know where I am andwhat is happening. 25 glowing white symbols appear, my head starts aching likenever before in my life. I’m being integrated into the system through theinfiltration of the symbols into my mind. The symbols represent the AdvancedMinimal Language. It is replacing all thoughts, memories, languages, knowledge& feelings that I have acquired in my life. My head is being rearranged andarchived. These are the last thoughts that I will be communicating to you…

Pages 16-17
The New Gatherer

"Interactive" openable spread
Pages 20-21

Double openable spread
Pages 22-25

You are nothing but an advanced piece of data in Galaxia.

Quadruple openable spread
Pages 26-33
I've breached the Cosmic Eye's control...
Translate the opposite page.
This is some crucial information for your salvation.

Pages 34-35