The Artworks
The artworks read respectively as follows:
Grey | "Aywanah" = "Aywa" / Way to go - Satirical with a hint of old.
Pink | "Aychak Chic" = You're so chic - Ironically fun and does not relate to fashion in any way.
Yellow | "Kol Toom Wensa Al Houmoum" = A proverb that translates to "Eat garlic and forget your worries" minus the rhyme.
Olive Green | "Man'oucheh?" = Care for a man'oucheh?
Turquoise | "Ma Tensa Men Wen Aslak" = Do not forget your origins.
Lavender | "Jannet Aafan" = A wordplay on the original "Jannet Aadan" (Paradise of Eden) that translates to "A Paradise of Decay".
Blue | "Oppa Lissa" = no idea how to explain this one.
Brick | "Hayde Dawle Walla Moteur" = The eternal sentence, daily used by any Lebanese, no matter their social status "Is this the government electricity or the generator's electricity?"
Light Teal | "Ahon men Ahen" = no idea how to explain this one, but it's fun and would draw a smile on any Arabic-reading human.
Orange | "Fajr Al Tamayyoz" = translates to "The Dawn of Excellence".